Featuring Bryn McNerney

After three days of data entry and Walking Dead binge watching, Peter loses his mind and has very intense nightmares; Bryn guest hosts the podcast; Maeven refuses to be told what to do; and Peter and Beth share a healthy list of book recommendations from their amazing listeners.

Daddy for Mayor

Peter and Beth take an emotional labor quiz, Maeven loves being a girl, and Bryn, after being caught in a lie about his teacher “loving it” when he talks about butts and farts, doubles down on the lie by threatening to call the police on Peter if he dares ask his teacher about it.

The Blaze

Halloween festivities continue as the family heads cross county to the Great Jack-o-Lantern Blaze, Peter and Beth try to think of books about boys doing emotional labor and girls being ass holes, and Peter stands firm on his views of peanut butter.

The Scare Fair

The family has a full family Halloween weekend at the Scare Fair as well as the Halloween parade, Beth answers the easiest hypothetical question ever asked, the kids love Forky and Peter finally tells the world how he really feels about Blippi.

Jet Lagged

Beth heads out into the woods with a bunch of moms during a full moon, Peter hates Facebook happy birthdays, Bryn is a brat and Maeven asks the age old question “do we have bones in our butts?”


Peter comes home late to record the podcast after having three full drinks, Beth transcribes the greatest pieces of bath time theater ever recorded and Peter and Beth almost don’t argue about how much peanut butter can be left in the jar before you throw it away.

Watch and Learn

The family heads to a baby show, Beth fails to convince a conservative cab driver, Maeven flirts with Bryn’s best friend and Bryn volunteers to help his gay aunt find a man to marry.

Skitters and Nerbs

This week at school Bryn learns what a fire alarm is... by setting it off, Beth heads out of town, Peter yells at some kids on a playground and Maeven gets curious about bodies. 

Or the Highway

The family takes a trip to Vermont for a wedding and, despite Peter leaving Beth on the side of a highway, it’s a lovely time for all. Then Beth and Peter answer some listener mail and ask the age old question: foreskin or not foreskin?

The Butt World

This week, Beth goes to a bean store, Maeven has ‘the best day ever,' Peter loves school lunch, and during Bryn’s first week of kindergarten he comes home with a book he’s written called, The Butt World.